Reloder 33 – Alliant Powder 8lbs


Alliant Powder Reloader 33


Gunpowder for smokeless magnums
Different cartridge loads require various kinds of propellant to reach their full ballistic potential. Alliant Powder® spent a significant amount of time developing Reloder® 33 in order to meet this demand.The innovative powder was originally designed for the 338 Lapua, but it performs admirably in other large magnum rifle cartridges as well.

Designed specifically for use with the 338 Lapua round
Even some of the larger magnum rifle cartridges will fit.
Increasing lot-to-lot consistency is the primary duty of Lapua.
338 Outside the Box Meanings: Magnum-caliber weapons

Exposure to the chemicals in this product has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, fetal abnormalities, and other reproductive harm, according to the state of California. More information is available at