N540 high energy powder – Vihtavuori


Product Information

Vihtavuori N540 is a universal rifle powder that can be used in a wide range of medium-sized calibers for both hunting and shooting at targets. It works well with heavier bullets in cartridges ranging from 223/5.56 mm to 308 Winchester and 30-06 Springfield.

Vihtavuori  gives you excellent accuracy and burns very cleanly. Because of

Because all of the powders in our N500 series have more energy than powders in the N100 Vihtavuori series with the same pressure level, the speed can be up to 30–40 m/s faster. It is worth trying when using heavier bullets and when higher loading densities and muzzle speeds are needed.


Because its length and diameter are both 1 mm, the N540 fits well in reloading equipment and makes loading very easy.