Sport Pistol – Alliant Powder


Aliant Sport Pistol

A consistent, clean-burning propellant is essential for precision and action shooters to perform at their best when the stakes are high. The new Alliant Powder® Sport Pistol meets these requirements with its dependable cycling, high rate of charge, and ample case capacity, as well as its ballistics that are compatible with many commonly used ammunition types. Even though similar powders can break down polymer coatings at the base of the bullet when they are fired, the Sport Pistol’s low-muzzle-flash formulation is also made for polymer-coated bullets.

Eco-friendly Combustion Technology
Superior dependability for the most demanding shooting competitions

perfect for bullets with polymer coatings
Flexible munitions
Superior capacity to charge and fill the case
Diminished gun flash
The item was produced in the United States.
Primary Intent: Handgun Ammunition

1 lb

Please be aware that the state of California has identified certain chemicals in this product as carcinogenic and teratogenic, meaning they can cause cancer or birth defects if used regularly. Please visit for additional details.

alliant sport pistol burn rate